Congratulations to our Awkward Cast!!!

A Huge Thank You to everyone who came out to auditions for Christmas More Awkward! We had an incredible turnout and are bummed we couldn’t use you all! Ladies and Gentlemen, the cast of Christmas More Awkward in a completely awkward order:
Aurelia Power
Vicki Kerns
Lucas Mecham
Jeremy Walter
Carol Varner
Brandon Stevens
Angela Moss
Scott Turner
Kelsey Nicholes
Lauren Pope
Shane Mecham
Michael Junker
Dean Kinsey
Leo Hentges
Chris LaCour
Kim Hentges
Shelly Richards
Nadine Civitello
Alessandra Rossi
Jordan Fee
Meghann Deveroux
Kristi Hibschman
Debonie Lewis
Dalton Pittenger
Alyson Waller

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