Bell Road Barn Players will be hosting auditions 

SUNDAY, April 7th, from  1:00 – 5:00 pm

MONDAY, April 8th, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm

An Ideal Husband Audition Information

Director: Katelyn Tormena
Dates: Sunday, April 7th from 1-5pm and Monday April 8th from 7-10pm
Callbacks if needed will be : April 9th from 7-10pm  by Invitation Only

All ethnicities and gender identities encouraged to audition

Synopsis: An Ideal Husband revolves around a blackmail scheme that forces a married couple to reexamine their moral standards — providing, along the way, a wry commentary on the rarity of politicians who can claim to be ethically pure. A cast of young lovers, society matrons, an overbearing father, and a formidable femme fatale continually exchange sparkling repartee, keeping the play moving at a lively pace.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script

Appointments for auditions are strongly encouraged using the link on this page.

Please note English accents are expected for all characters except for Vicomte de Nanjac which requires a French accent.

Character Descriptions:
Sir Robert Chiltern ( Male presenting 25-45)
Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs; a member of English society; married to the honest and respectable Lady Chiltern; honest, intelligent and upstanding.

Lord Goring (Male presenting 25-45)
Handsome and clever with a dashing and reckless façade; has a core of fierce loyalty and wisdom with a penchant for acute analysis of human behavior; close friend of Sir Robert Chiltern.

Lady Gertrude Chiltern (Female presenting 20-40) Sir Robert Chiltern’s extremely beautiful wife; champion of the Higher Education of women; member of the Women’s Liberal Association; moral, upstanding citizen; loves her husband dearly.

Mrs. Cheveley (Female presenting 20-40) Woman on a secret mission; demands curiosity; commands a room as soon as she enters; beautiful work of art, on the whole, but showing the influence of too many schools; intelligent and conniving.

Mabel Chiltern (Female Presenting 18-30)
Sir Robert Chiltern’s sister, the perfect example of the English type of prettiness. Has the fascinating tyranny of youth and the astonishing courage of innocence.

Lord Caversham (Male Presenting 50-80)Lord
Goring’s father; prides himself on dignity and honor.

Lady Basildon (Female Presenting 18-40) Lady of high society in London; Mrs. Marchmont’s primary companion at the Chiltern party.

Mrs. Marchmont (Female Presenting 18-40) Lady of high society in London; Lady Basildon’s primary companion at the Chiltern party.

Lady Markby (Female Presenting 50-80)Pleasant, kindly, popular woman who is friends with Mrs. Cheveley; very talkative to the point of rambling in a quick and humorous way.

Phipps (Male Presenting 35-70) Lord Goring’s butler who represents the “dominance of form”; known for his complete reticence, making him the “ideal butler.”

Vicomte de Nanjac (Male Presenting 18-35) Guest at the Chiltern’s party; talks with many of the women and excessively, almost comically, compliments the English language; French accent required

Mr. Montford (Male Presenting 18-40)
Secretary to Sir Robert Chiltern; described as a dandy.

Mason (Male Presenting 18-40)
Sir Robert Chiltern’s Butler who announces all guests at the Chiltern home.

James (Male Presenting 18-30)

Harold (Male Presenting 18-30)
Footman for Sir Robert Chiltern

Any questions – please email


Auditions for our July Show

“Ripcord” by David Lindsay-Abaire

May 4th & 5th

Mark Your Calendars


What’s a crotchety gal to do when she gets her room just the way she likes it but her new roommate won’t stop beaming sunshine and rainbows 24/7?  Make a bet to force her out, that’s what! 

In David Lindsay-Abaire hilarious play, Ripcord, we get to know Abby and Marilyn, two ladies assigned to the same room in a senior living facility. Abby wants peace and quiet, and Marilyn just wants the bed by the window. Marilyn and Abby begin a campaign of one-upping the other, trying to win the bet, with aides and family members getting pulled into the shenanigans as the story progresses.    In the end, we all get to see a play with a lot of heart, and a lot of laughs.