Bell Road Barn Players 

proudly presents


by David Lindsay-Abaire

directed by Laura LaCour




Abby:   Vicki Kerns

Marilyn:  Kathy Murphy

Colleen:  Morgan Lee

Scotty:  Matt Sameck

Derek:  David Bunnell

Benjamin:  Jeremy Walter

What’s a crotchety gal to do when she gets her room just the way she likes it but her new roommate won’t stop beaming sunshine and rainbows 24/7?  Make a bet to force her out, that’s what! 

In David Lindsay-Abaire hilarious play, Ripcord, we get to know Abby and Marilyn, two ladies assigned to the same room in a senior living facility. Abby wants peace and quiet, and Marilyn just wants the bed by the window. Marilyn and Abby begin a campaign of one-upping the other, trying to win the bet, with aides and family members getting pulled into the shenanigans as the story progresses.    In the end, we all get to see a play with a lot of heart, and a lot of laughs.

Licensed through special arrangement with
Broadway Licensing, LLC, servicing the Dramatists Play Service collection