Hollywood Holidays 

Laugh and chortle your way through our annual playwright festival. This year we’ll be featuring a collection of short skits and scenes inspired by your favorite Holiday Movies and characters.  From Ebenezer Scrooge to George Bailey – No Holiday hero is safe from our playwrights. See the Grinch get a job, ponder life with the forgotten Peanuts kids and we’ll even dare to conquer the age-old conundrum – “Is Die Hard really a Christmas Movie?”



Cast & Crew

How the Grinch Sold Six Sets of Steak Knives!

Written and directed by Jacob Robertson

Grinch – Josh Jackson

Customer – Adeana Carr

Yopp – Jan  Fent Johnston

Cindy – Ali Oldweiler

Die Actually

Written by Jacob Robertson, directed by Lauren Pope

John – Chris Roady

A Certified Christmas Movie

Written by Mark Naggi, directed by Lauren Pope

John – Chris Roady

Natalia – Anna McKinney

Nick – Brandis Outlaw

Terrorist – Matthew Suriano

A Very Special Hanukkah Special

Written by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Shari Wassergord

Murray – Robin Carroll-Dolci

Max/Narrator – Josh Jackson

Kim – Carol Crissman Varner

Judy/Boy – Ali Oldweiler

Scrooge and Marley on Boxing Day

by Mark Naggi, directed by Melissa Trierweiler

Scrooge – Jeremy Walter

Marley – Dean Kinsey

This Life is Wonderful

Written by Linda Levin, directed by Katelyn Tormena

Jimmy – Jeremy Walter

Morty – Jeff Lane

Director’s Assistant – Brandis Outlaw

Horror Holidays

Written by Dean Kinsey, directed by Christina Foltz

David – Matt Sameck

A Requiem for Shermy

by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Christina Foltz

Violet – Adeana Carr

Shermy – Matthew Suriano

Twins – Anna McKinney, Katelyn Tormena

The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever

Written by Matt Hentges, directed by Jazmin Havens

Alex – Matt Sameck

Riley – Alessandra Rossi

Chris – Joanna Benitez

Bailey – Audrey Camp