An Awkwardly Distanced Christmas

December 7th - 14th

Join us for the third installment of our Awkward Christmas tradition.
This year you’ll get all your weird awkward holiday antics online for free! 
We are excited to present to you seven original sketches directed and performed by local KC talent.
So gather your quarantined loved ones for a watch party, and log on to our Facebook or YouTube for a grand ol’ awkward time. 
December 7th to December 14th
Contains some adult content.


Hosted by Carol Varner, interludes by Dean Kinsey

Joyeux Noel by James McLindon

directed by Emerson Rapp
featuring Stephen Howard, Briana Marxen-McCollom, Emily O’Dell, Emerson Rapp

A Christmas Bedtime Story by Peter Dakutis

directed by Alan T. Hainkel
featuring Katelyn Tomena, Joe Coronia

Beth Goes Caroling by Scott Mullen

directed by Kimi Worstell-Laabs
featuring Jan Fent Johnston, Jill Camper

Meta-Morphosis by Ken Preuss

directed by Davida Terrell
featuring Mary Wilkens, Matt Sameck, Teagan Fitzpatrick, Dalton Pittenger

The End is Just the Beginning by John Mabey

directed by Shari Wassergord
featuring Davis DeRock, Shawna Peña-Downing, Stephen Howard, Briana Marxen-McCollom

Xtreme Xmas Online Boot Camp by Peter Dakutis

Directed by Katia Milazzo
featuring Jeremy Walter, Katie Rezabek-Laird, Philip Bachus, Chelsea Pyle

Grandma’s Special Cookies by Mark Naggi

directed by Kimi Worstell-Laabs
featuring Andrea Bosewell-Carder, Vicki Kerns, Josh Keen, Laura LaCour