Proudly Presents


Written by Mark Naggi / Directed by Christina Foltz
Narrator – Chuck Hughes
Plumcake – Josh Jackson
Cousin Daryl/Sheriff Taylor – David Boncyk
Smith – Brent Custer
Bob Baxter/Santa – Jessie Paxton
Cousin Ruth/Cindy Lou – Victoria Ricci
Foley – Ahmed Zlitni

Written by Mary Wilkens / Directed by Shari Wassergord
Dan/Foley – Scott Turner
Ellie – Linda Neudorf
Gina – Katie Trivilino

Written by Stephen Howard / Directed by Christina Foltz
Narrator/Santa – Morgan Hixson
Marty-Foley/Bumble/Village Person – Elijah Shafer
Aurora Carles/Hermy/Suzy – Alice Pollack
Rick Carles/The Russian – Caleb Stephens
George Dailey/Rudolf – Stephen Howard
Mary Dailey/Village Person/Crone – Gretchen Copeland

There will be one 10 minute Intermission


Written by Nancy Piercy / Directed by Lauren Pope

Announcer – Heather Ives
Director – Dean Kinsey
Ethel/Mrs.Claus – Judy Graves
Santa/Donald – Michael Hogge
Foley Artist #1 – Ahmed Zlitni
Foley Artist #2 – Josh Jackson
Elves and various – Brent Custer, Alice Pollack, Alexa Cary, Angela Moss, Audrey Camp

Written by Pepper Ransom / adapted by Emerson Rapp, directed by Dalton Pittenger
Announcer/Louise – Katie Schieferecke
Grandma – Patti Shockley
Rudy – Dillon Horinek
Sandy – Alexa Cary
Santa – Charlie Johnson
Rudolf – Caleb Stephens

adapted by Deborah Ground Buckner from a story by Virginia Slankard Ground
Directed by Shari Wassergord
Jack/Herb/Son – Drew Wright
Angela – Jessie Paxton
Stephanie – Judy Graves
Carol/Mrs. Brandon – Angela Moss
Foley – Christi Campos


Production Crew

Paula Rohr Fry . . . . .. . . Board Liaison

Sara “Frog” Owen . . .  Stage Manager

Josh Austin . . . . . . . Lighting Designer

Erin Brown . . . . Sound Design & Tech

Minnie Washington. .. . . . . Light Tech



Bell Road Barn Player is excited and honored to be featuring the works of local kansas city playwrights.  We are so grateful for their contributions and their talents.

Deborah Ground Buckner
“A Merry Christmas”
Deborah had her first taste of theater when her mother took her to shows at the Bell Road Barn Playhouse. She
is delighted this production includes her adaptation of a story her mother wrote. Deborah and her husband,
Chip, love being part of Kansas City’s theatrical community.

Stephen Howard
“Whispering Wood”
Stephen is pleased to be back on the Bell Road Barn stage, marking a first for him: acting in a play he wrote.
Thanks to Christina and the cast for bringing “Whispering Wood” to life. Stephen’s last Bell Road Barn
production was as Angelo in “Comedy of Errors”. He was last seen in “Murder on the Orient Express” as
Hector McQueen. Enjoy our attempts to start your holidays with a laugh and a smile.

Mark Naggi
“The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor”
Mark Naggi grew up in St. Louis. He came to Kansas City for college in 1978 and was too lazy to ever leave.
He is a founding member of the award-winning Shots in the Night radio theater troupe, which has been
broadcast on KKFI-FM for 13 years. He has also written and performed in plays for Crosscurrents and for the
Fringe Festival.

Nancy Piercy
“Santa’s Office Party”
Nancy is excited to see the Bell Road Barn Players production of her play, Santa’s Office Party.  Nancy has had three  of her plays produced by the Robidoux Resident Theater’s 2nd Act Players in St. Joseph, MO and she has appeared in several RRT productions, most recently as a Foley in Santa’s Office Party.  She is active in the RRT Writers’ Room where she enjoys collaborative creativity. She invites you to join the Writers’ Room if you have an interest in writing plays. Nancy is a retired teacher and therapist and is now loving her 3rd Act, hanging out with wonderful, creative people.

Emerson Rapp
“Santa Saves the Day”
Emerson is a local writer, director, actor, game show host, engineer, MC, and chicken rancher. Emerson is also
very tired. Emerson would like to thank Briana, his family, Bill Murray, huddled masses yearning for freedom,
Kurt Vonnegut*, Jacques Pépin, the burgeoning love of Travis and Taylor, and viewers like you. Hey!

Mary Wilkens
“Thunder Snow”
Writing “Thunder Snow”:  Start by asking, “What if….”  Add crazy ideas. See it in your head. Write. Let it
stew. Rewrite. Rewrite. That is the recipe Mary Wilkens uses. It worked for “Sister, Trapped” a previous Bell
Road Barn Christmas Show, as well as “Stalker Grandma,” a short film seen at five film festivals around the
Midwest. Mary also writes and acts for “Shots in the Night” radio theater on KKFI. (Thank you, Shari and
Thunder Snow’s wonderful cast!)



Ahmed Zlitni
Foley Artist - Santa's Office Party and The Cast of the Terrible, Awful Professor

Ahmed is a graduate of Park University in software engineering, and is currently a student at KCKCC for audio engineering, and he is hopefully going to work in sound design in his future.

He has a passion for music, creative storytelling, and video games

Alexa Cary
Sandy - Santa Saves the day
Elf & others - Santa's office Party

Alexa is excited to be joining the Bell Barn Players for the first time this show! Alexa has been a part of a number of community theater productions in the area, most recently performing in the Halloween fundraiser concert for Little Theatre of Weston, and as the Queen in Weston Community Theatre’s summer production of Cinderella. 

When not on stage, Alexa is a clinical pharmacist at a local hospital, a loving wife, and the mother of three active daughters. She would like to thank her family for their love and support.

Alice Pollack
Holly & Elf - Santa's Office Party
Aura Carles & others - Whispering Wood

Alice is pleased to be doing her first show with the Bell Road Barn Players. She has also appeared onstage in KC at The Living Room and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, among others, and has done voice work for various commercials and audio drama podcasts. 

When not acting, she can be found drawing and hanging out with her cats.


Angela Moss
Carol & Mrs. Brandon - A Merry Christmas
Elves & Others - Santa's Office Party

Angela is delighted to be in her second production with the Bell Road Barn Players. 

This is such a lovely and talented group. Break a Leg to you all. Thank you to my family for being so supportive. A special shout out to my mom and stepfather, Janet and Joel, for driving me to rehearsal when my car was in the shop. Enjoy the show!

Audrey Camp
Elf & Others - Santa's Office Party

Audrey is happy to return for her second Christmas show with Bell Road Barn Players. 

Audrey previously performed as Lenny Magrath in Crimes of the Heart and Rhonda in Almost, Maine at Blue Springs City Theatre and Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol: Radio Show at Curtain Call Theatre Company in Kirksville, MO. 

Brent Custer
Professor Smith - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor
Elf & Others - Santa's Office Party

Brent is ready to spread some Holiday Joy making his debut with the Bell Road Barn Players. You may have seen Brent perform recently with OCTA or at The Black Box. Other interests include jigsaw puzzles, Hallmark Christmas Tree ornaments, and sour Mike and Ike’s. Brent thanks his partner Alice for agreeing to make silly voices at each other in public instead of just in private.

Caleb Stephens
Rick Carles/Russian -Whispering Wood
Evil Rudolph - Santa Saves the Day

Caleb is from Cassville, Missouri. He began theater in high school where he found an outlet for some unbridled energy. He began to audition for community theater during his last couple of years of high school only to pursue my bachelor’s degree in theater at Crowder College and College of the Ozarks. He is currently using his theatrical energy to work childcare at the moment. His previous stage work includes Dearly Beloved (2017) as Wiley Hick; Sherwood (2019) as various; A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas (2017) as Jimmy Weaver, and more.

Charlie Johnson
Santa - Santa Saves the Day

Charlie is making his third appearance on the Bell Road Barn Players’ stage, previously playing Krampus in a Christmas show and the undertaker in Our Town. If you like how he sounds on stage, you can listen to him moderate Arrow Senior Living’s Thoughtful Connections: A Memory Care Podcast.

Christi Campos
Foley Artist - A Merry Christmas

Christi has been performing in community theatre for more than 16 years. She has done productions with Gladstone Theatre in the Park, Midlife Players, Blue Springs Community Theatre, and Raytown City Theatre. Favorite past characters include Eulalie Shinn in Music Man and Baroness Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

Christi enjoys sharing the stage with her three daughters when possible. This is her first production with Bell Road Barn Players and her first time performing as a Foley Artist. Since Foley Artists make noise but don’t speak, she wants to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christina Foltz
Whispering Wood
The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor

Christina is excited to work with Bell Road Barn Players for the second time directing for the Christmas season. She has recently directed 9 to 5: the Musical with City Theatre Independence and her own play, Mixed Feelings, commissioned at InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park. As a stage manager, Christina has assisted stage managed All the World’s a Stage: A Winona Story at the Great River Shakespeare Festival and for Hoosier Shakespeare Festival. She has also stage managed Bad Seed here at Bell Road Barn Players. 

Thank you to everyone for their love and support. 


Chuck Hughes
Narrator - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor

Chuck is excited to be a part of this fun production! Retired and getting on with life, Chuck wishes you a happy holiday season, and encourages you to appreciate those around you. Thanks to Avery and Oliver, and the rest of the family for always making me smile!

David Boncyk
Cousin Daryl/Sherrif Taylor - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor

David is an actor/improviser from Colorado. He studied theatre at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO. You may have seen him in The Met’s The Iceman Cometh, OCTA’s The CuriousSavage, or The Bell Road Barn’s production of The Bad Seed. He has also worked as a stagemanager for various shows for Whim Productions and The Warwick at The Met

Dean Kinsey
The Director - Santa's Office Party

Dean has been involved in the Bell Road Barn Players Christmas shows since 2017 and is grateful for another opportunity to do it again. Thanks, Lauren, for choosing me. I could not do this without my wife Catherine’s support and this year the patience of our cat Marmadude. And despite not talking to them much, I have enjoyed sharing the stage with my talented castmates. In closing, my thanks and appreciation to those who show up to support non-traditional Christmas theatre.

Dillon Horinek
Rudy - Santa Saves the Day

Dillon is a content creator, voiceover artist, coffee enthusiast, and Oklahoma State University graduate for information systems.

Drew Wright
Jack/Herb/Son - A Merry Christmas

Drew is excited about joining the Bell Road Barn Players for this Christmas production! He’s a college student at Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods pursuing a degree in psychology. He has been part of the Maple Wood theater production of A Thurber Carnival and is part of an acting troupe in Kansas City. Drew enjoys board games, reading, and hanging out with his friends.

Elijah Shafer
Marty/Foley Artist & others - Whispering Wood

Elijah got his start in theatre performing in youth theatre in KC. He has performed more recently as Joe in CTI’s 9 to 5, Joey in GTIP’s Sister Act, Martin in The Barn Players’ Grand Night for Singing, and last year, Emmett Forest in GTIP’s Legally Blonde. In his spare time he enjoys storytelling in any medium whether it be song, art, writing, or tabletop games with friends.

Gretchen Copeland
Mary Dailey / Villager / Crone - Whispering Wood

Gretchen is excited to be making her debut at Bell Road Barn Players. She would like to thank the cast and crew for making it such a wonderful experience. Gretchen is also deeply grateful to her husband David and kids Madeline, George, Gordon, and Eleanor for their love and support.

Heather J Ives
The Announcer/ Julian Harper - Santa's Office Party

“Always up for jingling bells and making the yuletide gayer, Heather joins this rambunctious cast to bring this delightful show to life. When not on stage “imbibing”, Heather can be found working for a theatre in their day job. They were previously seen on stage as Zoey in Whim Productions’ Playing on the Periphery and Bell Road Barn’s production of Kate Hamil’s Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Bennet. Many thanks for attending today and watching new works! Enjoy these zany plays and keep yourself off the Naughty List by continuing to support local community theatre!.

Jessie Paxton
Bob Baxter/Santa - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor
Angela - A Very Merry Christmas

Jessie is thrilled to be making her Bell Road. She is an independent theatre artist with a B.A. in Theatre from Southwest Baptist University, a certification in the Stella Adler technique from The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and currently studying for an MA in Communication. Previous credits include Catherine in Proof, By My Side Soloist in Godspell, and Betsy in As It Is In Heaven. 

She’d like to give a shout to her family, near and far, for their never-ending support.

Josh Jackson
Prof. Plumcake - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Professor
Foley Artist - Santa's Office Party

This is Josh’s 4th production with Bell Road Barn Players – hold for applause. Not one clap? OK. Moving on. His prior work with Bell Road includes A Murder is Announced, The Comedy of Errors, and last season’s Hollywood Holidays. After this production has wrapped, Josh will be performing at the MET in Judgement at Nuremberg in January. He has also performed with OCTA, STG, The Barn, RCCP, CTI, Corbin Theatre and KC Public Theatre. Josh is thrilled to work with this cast and crew and wants to thank his family and friends for their constant love and support..

Judy Graves
Ethel/Mrs. Claus - Santa's Office Party
Stephanie - A Merry Christmas

Judy is excited to be back on the Bell Road Barn Players stage and doing radio play productions for the first time. She was previously on stage here in Bad Seed this past summer. Other regional credits include OCTA’s production of The Curious Savage and River City Community Players productions Rex’s Exes and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. She would like to thank her husband Ted for the extra love and support during the rehearsal process and would also like to wish everyone a very groovy holiday season!

Katie Schieferecke
Announcer/Louise - Santa Saves the Day

Katie is excited to make her debut for the Bell Road Barn Players. She was previously seen in Tartuffe at OCTA. Katie has a BA in Theater from UMKC. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their support.

Katie Trivilino
Gina - Thunder Snow

Katie is full of enthusiasm and ready to be back on stage for the first time since high school! It has been an honor and privilege working with each and every incredibly talented individual since returning to theater. Theater has always been a passion of Katie’s and reliving it has been a dream come true. Katie would like to thank the cast and crew for such a wonderful, and memorable experience thus far. To Katie’s friends and family, thank you for your unending support and encouragement! May you all have the happiest of holidays.

Lauren Pope
Director - Santa's Office Party

Lauren is back directing for Bell Road Barn Players and couldn’t be happier. When she’s not directing (which is most of the time) she can be found performing improv around KC or running around after her 5-year-old. Thanks to her fam for all their support. 

Linda Neudorf
Ellie - Thunder Snow

Linda spent her youth acting with Seattle Performing Arts Fellowship. Her favorite roles include Helen Keller, Miracle Worker; Ghost of Christmas Past, A Christmas Carol; and Pitti Sing, The Mikado. She returned to community theater this year performing in Suite Surrender (Athena Sinclair) and Murder on the Orient Express (Helen Hubbard) at Corbin Theater. She is thrilled to be making her debut with Bell Road Barn Players and is enjoying working with this talented cast, director, and playwright.

Michael Hogge
Donald/Santa - Santa's Office Party

Michael has been involved in theatrical events since the age of 11. He has also been a television cameraman and was involved in video editing and sound production as well as producing several productions. His longest tenure has been with KKFI 90.1 FM. Where he has produced and hosted the “Arts Magazine” program for over 30 years. In his more normal life, he works as a Standardized Patient for several universities, mostly for the University of Kansas School of Medicine.


Morgan Hixson
Narrator/Santa/Constable - Whispering Wood

Morgan is a local theatre artist who has performed and worked backstage in the KC area since 2021. He is excited to take on these unique and hilarious roles! Morgan would like to thank his director, Christina, for all her hard work; and his wife, Abbie, for her love and support.

Patti Shockley
Grandma - Santa Saves the Day

In 2000, after raising her family, Patti returned to her first love, the stage, and since then has been in over 25 productions, including The Music Man, Picnic, Blithe Spirit, Hedda Gabler, Death of a Salesman and The Mousetrap. In March, she played Ethel Thayer in On Golden Pond at Corbin Theatre. Last month she was quietly stabbed to death in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Then, on closing night, she recovered enough to join Bell Road Barn Players for the first time and start rehearsals for this delightful Christmas production!

Scott Turner
Dan/Foley Artist - Thunder Snow

This is Scott’s third production at Bell Road Barn Players in four years, the first being 2019’’s Christmas More Awkward. This is his biggest cast to date, and he’s happy to stumble around the dark backstage with them.

Shari Wassergord
Director - Thunder Snow & A Merry Christmas

Shari is a member of the Board for Bell Road Barn Players. She enjoys giving back by supporting directors, just as she was supported by the community theatres that embraced her when she first moved to Kansas City. Past productions at Bell Road include She Stoops to Conquer, Because Their Hearts Were Pure, The Butler Did It, and The Hound of Baskervilles.

Stephen Howard
Playwright - Whispering Wood
George Dailey/Rudolf - Whispering Wood

Stephen is pleased to be back on the Bell Road Barn stage, marking a first for him: acting in a play he wrote. Thanks to Christina and the cast for bringing “Whispering Wood” to life. Stephen’s last Bell Road Barn production was as Angelo in “Comedy of Errors”. He was last seen in “Murder on the Orient Express” as Hector McQueen. Enjoy our attempts to start your holidays with a laugh and a smile.

Victoria Ricci
Cousin Ruth/Cindy Lou - The Case of the Terrible, Awful Profesor

Victoria has most recently performed with The Kansas City Symphony Chorus in their 2022-2023 season and as Pearl in the Met’s production of The Iceman Cometh. Victoria received her B.A. from Adams State University in Colorado and a master’s in music from The University of Akron in Ohio.


Directed by Matt Hentges

Directed by Katelyn Tormena

Directed by Laura LaCour

All performances at the David Theatre in Alumni Hall on the Park University campus 8700 NW River Park Drive, Parkville, MO 64152

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