Anything Goes


Cast July 2008



Michelle McIntire – Reno Sweeney

Christopher Foglio – Billy Crocker

Victor Hentzen – Moonface Martin

Laura Jacobs – Hope Harcourt

Korey Childs – Sir Evelyn Oakleigh

Marcie Ramirez – Bonnie Latour

Carrie Emmons – Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt

Bill Van Buskirk – Elisha J. Whitney

Mike Wimpy – Captain of the SS American

De’Markcus Howell – Steward of the SS American

Melinda Whitman – Reporter

Dan Weinbaum – Reporter (Weekend Anchor/Reporter from Channel 9 News – July 17 - 20 only)

Chris Rose - Cameraman

Bill Wright – Bishop Henry T. Dobson

Denise Saylor – Ching

Melinda Whitman – Ling

Justice Butler – Charity

Lindsy Grieg – Virtue

Samantha Parks – Purity

Denise Saylor - Chastity

Passenger List

Jake Bjornlie

Kelcie Dryer

Finoula Emmons

Ryan Emmons

Elaina Fopeano

Jennifer Probst

Chris Rose

Audrey Schultz

Sadie Vetter

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